It has often been said that first impressions are eternal. Be it inherent in human nature or merely a cultural phenomenon, we will all tend to judge initially ergo enduringly, by appearance. In this regard, attorneys are perhaps held to a higher standard than virtually any other group of professionals.

A well-dressed attorney is immediately perceived as successful. In an arena where the ante is, at times, literally “life or death”, the potential penalty for failure is obvious. As perception often becomes reality, opinion based on appearance can serve as either a significant benefit or a substantial detriment in pursuit of a favorable legal deposition. Opposing counsel, the presiding judge, and most importantly, the jurors are all prone to be affected by presentation – well above and beyond “just the facts”.

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In summary, appearance is, has been, and will always be a powerful variable in our nation’s courtrooms. Given the fact that image is a choice….I recommend that attorneys pay extra attention to this subject and decide wisely.

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