First impressions are seldom more important than on a job interview. Before you have had a chance to discuss your skills, you have already been judged on your appearance and clothing. A job interview is not the place for a trendy fashion statement. Your prospective employer should see that you take the interview seriously and that you have taken care to look your best. To check out what is appropriate, visit the company beforehand to pick up an application or call the human resources department. If you are confident about your appearance, you will project the right professional image.

Interview Dress for Men

A solid-color suit in wool or a wool blend, either navy or dark gray, clean and pressed, is appropriate for a job interview. Wear it with a long-sleeved white or light blue shirt and a silk tie in a solid color or small stripe. Wear leather lace-up or slip-on shoes with dark, mid-calf trouser socks that won’t show skin when you sit. Wear a watch, class ring and wedding ring if desired but no other jewelry, and remove earrings and any other visible piercings. Be sure that your hair is neatly trimmed and facial hair is well-groomed. Remember that a comb-over doesn’t fool anyone; a close-cropped cut is becoming to balding men. Fingernails must be clean and trimmed. Avoid strong-smelling after-shave or cologne. Carry a briefcase or portfolio. Even if the job itself would not require a suit, err on the conservative side by wearing a suit to the interview. A less formal approach would be khakis and a dark blazer.

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