Why be concerned with your appearance? Is it really that important to your career, romance, or influence over others?


It’s a scientific fact that people who don’t know you make up their minds about you on a subliminal/prehistoric basis in 30 seconds or less. This evaluation of you by others takes place so quickly and is so entrenched in the human brain that it is not usually conscious thought.

Behavioral scientists tell us that we notice the following about another human being and in this order: Skin color, Sex, Age, Bearing (height, body language, etc.), Appearance, Direct Eye Contact, and Speech.

The first three we can do nothing about, but we can take advantage of this knowledge to enhance and control how to present the best image of ourselves.

Since 80% of what others see is our clothes, lets look at some basic faux pas:

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We live in a complex, crowded society where considerate people dress appropriately for various places and occasions. Dressing appropriately is about respect for your fellow humans and our institutions. We stand behind you 100% and are committed to assisting you with these choices. Feel free to contact us directly via e-mail at DavidLevy@SuitsToYou.Com or by calling us directly at (702) 467-9490.

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