Then there’s the matter of how many suits to own. Alan Behr Alan Behr , an entertainment lawyer and moonlighting journalist on New York’s Upper East Side, keeps 15 suits in his closet to cover every possible scenario. “If your company has a one-day-a-week casual policy, you’ll need at least four suits to rotate, plus a fifth in case someone calls a meeting on Friday,” says Behr, who favors Savile Row’s Henry Poole Henry Poole and, unlike a lot of fashion editors, pays full price for his suits. “I keep five suits for the warm weather, five for cool and some additional ultra-lights for boiling hot days.”

Joseph Rosenfeld Joseph Rosenfeld , an image consultant in Dallas with a large corporate clientele, recommends that men get started with a three-suit foundation: one dark blue, one dark gray and one black or, if you can’t get away with that, dark brown. “From there you can branch out into a blue with a Glen plaid, a gray with pinstripes and perhaps some individualistic lighter tones,” says Rosenfeld. “Men are fickle, and eventually they get bored or tired. Adding a new suit or two now and then makes them feel powerful and good about themselves.”

In the end, looking sharp in any suit is primarily a matter of color, proportion and individual style, and the best way to get the right suit for you is to find a good salesman and stick with him. Alan Flusser recommends visiting high-end men’s stores and then either buying or taking the ideas somewhere you can afford. “Either way, you’ve got to find a mentor,” he notes. “It’s usually not a woman or a fashion designer, but a salesman who has the tastes you like.”


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