Before you leave for work or a business-related engagement, examine, along with your best friend—a full length mirror—the overall picture you present and the details from your head to your toe. Make the necessary changes, add or replace accessories, and make sure your appearance and grooming are impeccable. This daily exercise will take just a few minutes, but the benefits are worth it. If you can check all the points, you are ready to face the world!


  • Short and clean hair; should not touch shirt collar
  • Hair in nose and ears are trimmed
  • Avoid excessive gels and lotions
  • Avoid facial ornaments
  • Avoid heavy fragrance
  • Clothes are clean and well-pressed
  • There are no buttons missing or falling hems
  • Nothing is torn, stained, or discolored

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An impeccable professional image earns you respect and provides you with a competitive edge. Quickly checking these points on a daily basis will help you to sustain a consistent and engaging visual impression. Contact us directly via e-mail at DavidLevy@SuitsToYou.Com if you should have any questions, and please feel free to visit our website at for more information.

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